Posted by : sanne

Dear all,
The studbook keepers day was a success. Around 30 people (studbook keepers and introduced people) attended. The atmosphere was great and the level of the presentations was very good. Some new studbook keepers introduced themselves and gave an overview of the progress of their studbooks. Some somewhat older and more experienced studbook keepers did a presentation thought which beginners had a very good chance for inspiration. Links to in situ status of endangered species were given through which studbooks get more value. Former Rotterdam Zoo vet Marian Mensink gave additional information on the recently introduced possibility of autopsies on dead animals and the to be followed procedures. At the end an open discussion and exchange of ideas and opinion were a good opportunity to work on improvement on communication both by the ESF board and the studbook keepers.
A report of the day will be published very soon on the ESF website.
Finally my compliments to both Rob Verhoeks and Siebren Kuperus for the organization of the event.
Kindest regards.

Henk Zwartepoorte, president ESF.