Posted by : sanne

The ESF is very pleased with the new studbook keeper Marcus Wilder and the new co-studbook keeper Ruth Merrick for the studbook Mantella. This important studbook for the interesting poison frogs of Madagascar will make a new start.

The taxonomy of Mantella frogs has been changed considerably during the last decade. Currently there are sixteen accepted species. At least one more has been described but is still awaiting further study, and several other frogs exist that need to be studied to determine their status. (2006 Devin Edmonds)

Mantella aurantiaca Golden Mantella
Mantella baroni Baron's Painted Mantella
Mantella bernhardi Bernhard's Mantella
Mantella betsileo n/a
Mantella cowani Cowan's Mantella
Mantella crocea Yellow Mantella
Mantella ebenaui Brown Mantella
Mantella expectata Blue-legged Mantella
Mantella haraldmeieri Harald Meier's Mantella
Mantella laevigata Climbing Mantella
Mantella madagascariensis Malagasy Painted Mantella
Mantella manery Marojejy Mantella
Mantella milotympanum Black-eared Mantella
Mantella nigricans Guibe's Mantella
Mantella pulchra Beautiful Mantella
Mantella viridis Green Mantella

Keepers of one or more of these species are invited to contact the new Mantella studbook keepers for more and to become participants of the studbook and the breeding programmes.