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November 4, 2005 the privately owned and managed Reptile Zoo Iguana in Vlissingen, The Netherlands donated a group of 10 specimens of the Black Marsh turtle to the ESF studbook. The group existed out of an adult breeding pair, and 8 of their offspring born between 1997 and 2003 in the Iguana Zoo; all juveniles are females. The adults are estimated wild born in 1980. The specimens are divided among 7 locations within the studbook. With this action the studbook increased with several new participants.. The total number of studbook animals increased from 28 to 38. So far reproduction only occurred at one location in Germany. The arrival of a reproducing couple is more than welcome and we highly appreciate the donation by the Iguana Zoo. December 2, 2005.
Henk Zwartepoorte,
Ferry Grnewald.
ESF-studbookkeepers Siebenrockiella crassicollis.

photos by H. Zwartepoorte