Posted by : sanne

For the second time there came Geoclemys hamiltonii from Hong Kong, China to the ESF in Europe. At Wednesday 16 September 2009, at 04.45 in the morning arrived at Schiphol, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In this transport are 2.2 adult wild Geoclemys hamiltonii who were confiscated in South-East Asia and temporarily received in the Wild Animal rescue Center of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in Hong Kong, China. The largest specimens are valued at more than 48 years old.

In the same transport arrived also 0.0.4 young specimen who were born in Kadoorie Farm in Hong Kong.

The preparation of the whole transaction had taken lots of months before and lots of consultations and was an intensive cooperation between the Turtle Survival alliance- Europe (TSA) and the ESF. The ESF thanks the TSA for the fine and constructive cooperation.

Because of the CITES -A status of this species there was also a very good ant intensive consultation with the CITES Management Authority in the Netherlands. Many thanks goes also this Authority and espacially to mister J. Snijder.

These turtles will be ownership of the ESF and will also be registered in the ESF studbook Geoclemys hamiltonii. For the studbook it's again a very good opportunity to enlarge the number of bloodlines for the breeding programme. These animals make a contribution to reach a genetic and physical healthy population in captivity in the Zoos and in particular accommodations in the EU.

These turtles will be placed in Leipzig Zoo in Germany and in acknowledged particular accommdations in the United Kingdom and France.

Many thanks to all persons who co-operate in this transaction.

Harry Rotmans, studbook keeper Geoclemys hamiltonii , secretary ESF

Henk Zwartepoorte, co-studbook keeper Geoclemys hamiltonii , president ESF, president TSA- Europe.