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Sunday, May 20 2007 Article Archive

At Thursday April 12, at 17.30 arrived at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands 31 adult Heosemys spinosa and 15 adult Cyclemys dentata from the Wild Animal Rescue Center of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in Hong Kong.

Foto: H.A. Zwartepoorte

Also in this transaction the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)- Europe and in particulary the president Henk Zwartepoorte gives the indispensable support. All turtles are a good new supply of the bloodlines for the two ESF studbooks.The 31 Heosemys spinosa are placed by means of the normal ESF contract with seven studbook participants and the 15 Cyclemys spp. are placed with two studbook participants. Lets hope for good breeding results as a expansion of the population in captivity in Europe.